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Strophanthus gratus

Strophanthus gratus

a bunch of is a series of pocket sciart guides to plant families that give people a chance to discover flora through the artist's lens. No expedition necessary.


These guides are not for the sake of identification. They contain information that range from the scientific to the symbolic, providing a rounded picture of each plant.

Currently accepting submissions for 001: a bunch of Apocynaceae.

Works must be a depiction (realistic or abstract or otherwise) of a plant from the Apocynaceae family and be able to fit in a 10.5 cm wide x 14.8 cm tall layout.

The printed guide, in a wrapped accordion fold format with 6 panels (12 pages), can only accommodate 10 works, selected by how they represent their plant and how they mix with other works to form the final guide. Any further submissions may be considered for digital publication on this web page. All artists will be credited and retain the copyright of their work.

Deadline: November 14, 2022

Please submit your work and any inquiries to

Include the following with your submission:

  • high res (300 dpi) image of work

  • artist's name

  • title of work

  • plant used as reference 
    (species or genus would be appreciated)

  • short artist bio (100 words max.)

  • website / social media handles

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a bunch of is published by Katrina Vera Wong | @furiebeckite

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