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Issue 3: That Side of Paradise

Shortlisted for a Broken Pencil Magazine Zine Award (2020)

Exploring paradise and what it takes to make it or save it.

68 pages with beautiful written and visual contributions from Ali Massie, Deborah Wong, Katrina Vera Wong, Syed Mustafa, Ellen Hall, Deuphine Apedaile, Raymond Nakamura, Yana Zorina, William Tham, Qinrui Chen, Cleomë Wilkinson, Heun Jung Kim, W.B., Courtney Chaney, Larissa Blokhuis, Paige Whitehead, Vincent Ternida, Emily Tamsin, Kodai Yanagawa, Henrieta Lau, Mercy A. Lee, and JT Lee

And interviews with Ani Liu, Jason deCaires Taylor, Titouan Bernicot (founder of Coral Gardeners), Richard Vevers (founder of The Ocean Agency), Dirk Petersen (executive director and founder of SECORE Intl.), and Anastazia Banaszak (SECORE’s local lead coral biologist in Puerto Morelos).

Special thanks to all contributors and interviewees for making this zine such a gem, and to East Van Graphics for the fab print job.

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Zines can also be found at The Regional Assembly of Text, Lucky's Comics, and Spartacus Books.


Issue 2: Closing The Distance

Shortlisted for a Broken Pencil Magazine Zine Award (2019)

This issue explores spatial, temporal and emotional distances.

Featuring works by Ellen Hall, William Tham, Cleomë Wilkinson, Winston Le, Katelyn Wallach, Henrieta Lau, Roxie Zagar, Jean Wong, Katrina Vera Wong, Silas Egan, Jordan Gray, Deuphine Apedaile, Char Hoyt, Deborah Wong, Kodai Yanagawa, Julia Wong, Ali Massie, and Raymond Nakamura

and interviews with Nyoka founder and CEO, Paige Whitehead, who developed compostable Light Wands powered by bioluminescence and Adam Makarenko, an artist, photographer and filmmaker who makes miniature exoplanets.

52 pages | $10

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Zines can also be found at the Central Vancouver Public Library, The Regional Assembly of Text, Lucky's Comics, Spartacus Books, and the Historic Joy Kogawa House.

Issue 1: Late Bloom

(Print - Sold Out)

"... a visceral collection of written and visual work by people in my life who, through pure existence, rain on my dry and crumbly earth."

Dedicated to my dad, this issue is an exploration of life and death, being broken and being young.

Featuring works by Jean Wong, Henrieta Lau, Samir Bhimji, Ellen Hall (Percephonie), Cleomë Wilkinson, Rachael Anne Goh, Grace McLarty, Katrina Vera Wong (KVW), Sara Hernando, Silas Egan, Josiah Yu, Kodai Yanagawa, Jared Fox-Morin, Naysan Santiago, and Kim Villagante (Kimmortal).

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